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or are we forever now governed by kathleen sebelius and obama care? is there hope? >> we have to keep fighting. we can't stop. i agree with tom. we have to get democrats on board in the senate. there are senators now in the democratic side of the aisle who are taking the heat on this. i will tell you, people are angry b about the this and upset. the fact is we have to keep the heat on. we've got to keep pushing. revealing, shedding light on all the flaws in this as we have been doing and not let up. >> is there any hope for this website? i talked to some i.t. guys, professionals, congressman price is laughing. >> yeah. >> after hundreds of millions of dollars, do we have to scrap it? >> absolutely. the problem isn't just the website. the problem is the program itself. but the website is a symptom of the entire challenge that we have when the government tries to tell you what doctor you must see. what health care coverage plan you must purchase and cross all of the things through the irs and other governmental entitieses. it isn't going to work. we have now spent pushing $600 million o
two. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius went before lawmakers today where she was grilled by senators about the disastrous obama care rollout. they held her feet to the fire. ♪ >> in the last five weeks, access to health care.gov has been a frustrating experience. >> it is simply inexcusable that the members of this committee were not told earlier that these problems were occurring. >> people are angry. millions of americans are scared. >> you have been misleading the american people. the president has. over and over again. >> we know lying to congress is a crime. unfortunately, lying to the american people is not. >> more people are losing their insurance than are signing up on the website. they are being directed to a website that doesn't even work. >> i want you to burn their fingers and make them pay. >> it's impossible to do something in this administration that gets you fired. it's impossible. >> we made a promise to ensure no one ever went broke just because they got sick. you, madam secretary, must make good on that promise. >> you have said america s
their choice. >> that was kathleen sebelius yesterday being grilled over the president's broken promise. my next guest is forcing them to keep their word. johnson filed the if you like your plap you can keep it act. here with the details, the man himself, ron johnson, wisconsin senator. welcome back. >> hi, sean. >> if you like your plan you can keep it. i want my $2500 savings per family per year act. >> right. >> and the website will run easy act. can we do that? >> sean, this is about freedom. president obama's promise is being broken to millions of americans today. so my bill allows those americans to have the promise kept for them. they can actually keep their health care plan as president obama promised. that's the only way he was able to sell this to a gullible public unfortunately. i am encouraging my democratic colleagues to join with me quickly to pass the bill to presefb the health care plans before they are extinct. >> let's go to the president's words. he was so definitive. he said it so often, as recently as last month. if you like your plap you can keep your plan. >> right. >
. under kathleen sebelius who is flexible -- i don't work for you. you have gay guys who will have to buy health insurance that covers maternity care. you have mormons who have to buy insurance to cover gambling addiction therapy and sex change operations. we are forceded to pay for things we don't want. everyone i have run into except two people -- >> bill maher and who is the other? >> have been thrown off health care. blue cross/blue shield pulled out of california. i know a lot of doctors. they said they just get notices from the insurance company saying you are no longer allowed to be on our plan. they want to keep the doctors who don't see many patients. no matter how much the media loves obama they can't hide the cancellation notices as they come in. >> so i actually that both in the house and senate republicans said if you like your plan you can keep it act. how do democrats get ouft that considering they made the same promise as obama? >> i will tell you. this is important. every senate democrat will either vote for it or have harry reid will set it up. you have to remember the a
in miami kathleen sebelius, a woman was trying to sign up for obama care. let's show everybody what happened. >> i think it's great that the this is happening. >> it's been a long time coming. >> yeah. >> it's temporarily down. >> uh-oh. >> well, it's okay. it will come back. >> that happens every day. >> look at the screen shot. i'm sorry. our system is temporarily down. now we are told they may not even meet the deadline of the end of the month. isn't there a series of events? don't they need individuals to sign up for it to work? >> there is. we knew about the problems inherent in obama care that it would take away health insurance, drive up premiums and kill jobs. what we didn't predict was the disastrous incompetence of the administration rolling out a functioning website. there are 17-year-olds that can design a website and sell sneakers on linebacker. -- online. this administration can't get a functional website in three years. that's functioned as an accelerant. it's throwing gasoline on the fires. it made the problems far more severe, far more quickly. at this point, i'm co
't happen said franken when asked if most of the problems aren't under control by then. and kathleen sebelius announced next year they push back the deadline for enrolling in obama care. conveniently after the midterm elections. surprised? joining me, congressmen go merit and lance. rare in studio appearance. >> yeah. >> i'm watching the announcement saturday night on the deal with iran. i'm thinking why does the administration trust this regime that's been fighting proxy wars and late last week was threatening to wipe israel off the map again. >> that's what they believe. why do they trust them more? why did the clinton administration trust north korea more than republicans. it's the same mentality. conservatives, patriots are the problem. but if you look, they are following the north korea game plan. the policy coordinator for the clinton administration is now leading negotiations for the obama administration. if you remember in 1994 they got a promise that in return for nuclear reactors, help with nuclear power all they had to do was renounce nuclear weapons and -- >> they ended u
this evening. we will see you back here monday. i apologize. i am accountable. >> will kathleen sebelius be fired because of the obama care web site? i say who cares. the next bureaucrat will chase the fact. central plan produces failure like this car. it's hard to drive. it spews pollution. that's what we get with obseram care. >> now the oib administratid -- administration is some will have to pay double digit increases. >> halloween they gave us something that we should be scared of obama care. obama scare. that's our show
of the navigators these guys as we've been told by kathleen sebelius don't even go through a criminal background check. they deal with the most sensitive information of every american under penalty of law who is compelled to give it in order to get health care through the online exchanges which don't even work. when you watch this it has to send a chill down your spine to know these are the people who are going to be dealing with our most personal information. >> let me say this, sean. somebody from the beginning who very much supported this law and also the president a's enthusia it is very frustrating to see the time and money spent on this making sure it passed muster politically. talking about 43 repeal attempts from congress, talking about supreme court -- >> fundamentally we got to go back to the main crux of this. the president sold this with very specific promises. and it is going to be 900 billion and per family per year $2500 savings. now the president is telling everybody oh, it's only 5%. only a small percentage of people. they're pointing out what i've been saying, 50 to 100 million
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)